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With 20 years of experience in designing, integrating and installing audio technology for higher education and commercial studios, VA Tech provides a perfect complement to the acoustic design of studio spaces. Expertise in traditional analogue multi-track recording is vastly expanded by years of operational knowledge of DAW installations and the design of multiple room facilities, including stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 control rooms with shared live rooms, and the installation of Dolby Atmos and the largest RedNet system in the world.

The development and maintenance of one of the largest studio complexes in Europe (some 20 studios) at University of West London, and the development of the degree courses alongside those studios, provide a wealth of expertise in the integration of the latest audio tech tools with academic programmes. This allows us to deliver coherent technical solutions that ensure the facilities are completely aligned with the aims and learning outcomes of academic programmes.

Upgrade paths and expansion opportunities are central to any audio design work, and building such systems into the structure of the studio prevents many of the problems associated with retro-fitted systems, VA Tech designed facilities are future-proofed from the very start.

Services we offer:

Recording studio design

Broadcast studio design

System design, integration and installation

Studio wiring and patchbay design

Project management

Academic course consultancy and validation

AoiP/dante/RedNet system design consultancy

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Richard Liggins

Technical Manager

Scruffy bugger.

Richard began his career in the 80's as a freelance engineer in London's busy studio community, he lectured part-time at the University of West London in the 90's before joining UWL as a Senior Lecturer in 2000. He lectured in Studio Techniques and Audio Post Production, and was the course leader for the MA Advanced Music Technology degree. In 2012 he accepted the post of Technical Production Manager for the London College of Music in order to concentrate on facility design and installation.

He lead LCM/UWL projects to relocate 10 studios from Ealing Film Studios to the Paragon Annex, the design and construction of 2 audio studios, the design and construction of Blast Radio studios, and the specification and installation of the largest RedNet system in the world. The UWL projects brought him into contact with Eddie Veale and his team. Subsequently in 2017 Richard accepted an offer to join VA as Technical Manager where he now heads VA Tech.

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