Good design creates inspirational environments that support workflow, performance, health and communication.

Our team, headed up by Creative Director Eloise, combines the very latest techniques with superior interior design experience to create spaces that strike a balance between performance and aesthetics. They make sure your audio environment sounds great, but looks brilliant too.

We constantly research new materials and techniques for visual and sound impact to create unique environments that support our clients, their business and people who work in the facilities.

We’ve come a long way from egg boxes on the walls and the impact of a space that looks great should never be underestimated. Creative juices flow in a comfortable setting and aesthetics set the tone for the physical and mental wellbeing of the people who occupy your space, as well as the quality of the work they do.

Talk to us about:

  • Interior Design and custom furniture
  • New Build and Refurbishment
  • Designs that support wellbeing and reduce stress
  • Specialist studio finishes and materials
  • Concept and layout development
  • 3D renders and CAD drawings