Video Games

Audio innovation is playing a vital role in driving realism in the latest video games. Games cannot be truly immersive if glitches or an out-of-sync audio track bring players crashing back to earth with a sense of disappointment.

From Foley recording to sound design and mixing, audio engineers are delivering a truly immersive experience. We work with organisations such as Frontier Games and EA who, like us, emphasise innovation and quality. Their work only reaches its full potential when audio is an intrinsic part of its development, with incredible audio engineers operating in comfortable facilities that can accommodate project changes, respond quickly and work in an environment they can trust the results in.

Talk to us about:

  • Audio facility design and build
  • Interior design, specialist finishes and furniture
  • Designs that support wellbeing and reduce stress
  • System design, integration and installation
  • Acoustic measurement; room isolation and correction
  • Concept and layout development
  • Foley, ADR, Colour Grading and Presentation Suites