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Acoustic design by a recognised Master of the Art

Eddie Veale has been designing outstanding studios and facilities since the 1960s, notably for Beatles Lennon, Harrison and Starr, and has designed and built some of the world’s truly great studios including Hook End, SARM Outside and The Mill. He remains the only acoustician honoured by the APRS and was recently awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters degree by the University of West London. Eddie’s particular genius lies in his love of challenges and the integration of the science and art of acoustics with the practical considerations of utilisation of space and professional workflows.

VA Acoustic delivers creative and flexible designs for a myriad of applications. The wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise in the company allows the creation of spaces with acoustic signatures specific to the client’s brief. We design and build audio recording studios, radio studios, cinemas, post production studios, performance and rehearsal spaces, administration and reception spaces, listening rooms. We can assist with the analysis, design and installation of any space that requires acoustic treatment. We have always started from the premise of understanding and analysing the needs of the client before developing a solution or providing advice that extends beyond that brief and provides future-proof upgrade pathways.

Services we offer:

Acoustic measurement; room isolation and correction

Environmental acoustic control and design

Recording studio design and build

Broadcast studio design and build

Project management

More to come…

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Eddie Veale

Misunderstood Genius

Back in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s Eddie was a key mover and shaker within the Great British Recording Studio scene. One of his first projects was with John Lennon, creating his Tittenhurst Park studio and worked on his legendary “Imagine” album. This led to Eddie starting up his own company Veale Associates, and 50 years on, VA continue to have the pleasure and enjoyment of working alongside music’s greatest artists and producers, and radio, TV and film’s biggest leaders.

In 2012 in recognition of his achievements in studio design and advancing sound recording technology, Sir George Martin awarded Eddie the Fellowship of the Association of Professional Recording Services and then, in 2017, he was made an Honorary Doctor of Letters by the University of West London.

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