We work to help our clients develop and grow.

Our team is at the forefront of industry developments, creating audio facilities for some of the biggest names in the audio and media industries.

We design and deliver comfortable audio environments that fully support each creative process and use the latest technology and AI to future-proof designs, ensuring that they are fit for purpose for years to come.

We have designed studios for the likes of Sky, Virgin, GMG, Bauer, Channel 4, The Who, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, iconic recording studios Trident, Sarm, Lansdowne and Dean St., and professional game audio facilities for Frontier Developments and Playfish.

In addition, we bring our industry practices, knowledge and contacts to the education sector, designing and delivering real-world environments for them to educate the next generation of audio engineers, producers and sound designers.

The VA team is led by Eddie and Eloise Veale, a father-daughter partnership. Eddie is our founder and in all things puts you, our client, first. This forms the core ethos of the company.

Eddie has seen many changes in the audio industry.  He revels in new challenges, ensuring we meet the highest expectations and help our clients develop and pioneer new ideas and working practices.

Eloise’s role is very much about concepts and ideas, understanding and exploring how our clients operate and use their environments; proving the project vision and generating visual concepts, ergonomics and an aesthetic specific to them.

A history of innovation

Eddie’s background is acoustics. He began work at de Havilland, working on passenger aircraft noise comfort and soon discovered Advision in New Bond Street. His role there was to refurbish and update the studio’s dubbing, editing and record-cutting facilities. This resulted in Advision becoming the first 8-track recording studio, first with dual US/UK film standards and rock-and-roll in their dubbing theatre.  Eddie then relocated Advision to Gosfield Street, with major upgrades to 24-track recording and automated console faders, and the latest technology in the dubbing theatre.

Radio broadcast was challenged and changed by Eddie with the pioneering design for Beacon Broadcasting of the first “presenter-driven” studio with external windows; a design that is now the norm.  He also ensured reductions in cost and build time through reviewing technical standards and creating the bases for lightweight studio construction.

Eloise’s background is in the visual arts, initially working with artists to create and deliver their international exhibitions. Eloise grew up around studios and always had a keen interest in how the spaces were presented, and it wasn’t long before she wanted to bring her design eye to VA.

Eloise is always on the lookout for new emerging materials, researching new products and techniques for visual and sound impact to create unique environments that support the client’s vision, their business and people who work in the facilities. Workflows, layouts, furniture, functionality, appearance, comfort and wellbeing, together with a host of other considerations, go into the mix of every project.

A commitment to our clients

That commitment to innovation continues to inspire the entire Veale Associates team, who create and oversee the installation of comfortable, high-performing audio environments.

Our journey has taken us from John Lennon’s home studio, which was used to record the iconic Imagine album, to groundbreaking modern video game audio facilities, and now our legacy continues as we work to design real-world facilities that educate the next generation of audio engineers.

Providing end-to-end solutions and project management to ensure timely delivery, a service envied by many that we will commit to your project.