Lockdown is a time for collaboration

We may still be in the midst of the conronovirus lockdown but for many it is still business as usual. Many have seen 70% of workload disappear and those considering change to studio or premises have seen construction plans put on hold. One thing is for sure, when we emerge there is going to be a huge demand to build very quickly.  During these uncertain waters it’s important to look ahead and plan so we can ensure that we emerge ready to hit the ground running.

Those in the midst of relocating have found themselves unable to make much progress and need to be motivated.  If the move is motivated by the landlord, who will have problems of their own, some respite may be available from the landlord and discussion is very worthwhile.  Should you be looking or contemplating new premises this is an excellent opportunity to research locations and what property is on the market, and open initial enquiries. 

This enforced down time is a huge opportunity to plan what you want for your business, if you are planning a refurbishment there is time to think about functionality, work flow and how your studios could look and sound.  We presently have the time to really talk with music editors, mix techs, sound supervisors, engineers & producers about their work.  Learning what they like and don’t like about premises, facilities and studios that helps refine ideas and make the project even better.  Staff might have a bit more time to think about their workloads and needs to aid the design process to advance and make the business more viable and leaders of their sector.  We have the time to truly analyse how your facilities work, staff move through the space, the equipment they need and how to embrace the new world.

One of the most important steps when ensuring a design meets expectation is to spend as much time as possible on the detail.  We now have the time to truly answer the question ‘what am I trying to accomplish’.  Many mistakes happen later on in the creation that can be traced back to not taking the time at the outset to consider the detail or those what-ifs? But now we have the time.  We have an exceptional opportunity to discuss and develop concepts and designs so we are ready to hit the ground running once business restraints are lifted.