Understanding the Process

Even though we build creative spaces, we know we need a thorough process to ensure our customers get what they need. From conception to completion, we develop, design and build in collaboration with our clients.

The first stage is always to develop the brief. We are consultants first, which means we don’t install standard equipment to a standard layout. We sit down with every customer to develop, design and build their perfect space. During this phase we also ensure that the design is as future-proof as possible, so the customer will be using the space for years and decades to come.

Once we understand the brief, we generate the concepts, including technical integration and 3D walkthroughs. With over 50 years of experience, we understand that the technicalities of health and safety and local authority approval are key to the success of the project. So we get the ball rolling as soon as possible, to ensure that all challenges are eliminated early in the design process.

We then bring all of the work together into detailed drawings, liaising with our contractors to ensure feasibility and suitability. Bringing in contractors and installers at this stage, whether they are sourced by the client or by us, helps ensure the solution works from the start.

Once everything is signed off, it’s time to get on with the installation. We project manage for our clients throughout, so what’s designed on the page is delivered on the project, with quality and performance that is second to none. 

We then sign off every project to ensure it meets the Veale Associates standard. Only when we are happy will we hand over to the client and provide the necessary training to ensure the space is used to its potential.

But even after the project is finished, we know things take a while to bed in. That’s why we provide a post-installation service for any fine-tuning, to help remove any barriers to creativity or performance.