The Gold Standard

The importance of passion cannot be underestimated. Eloise Veale, the Creative Director of Veale Associates, is testament to that.

We met Eloise in London, in the heart of Kensington and Chelsea. This borough is one of contrasts, placing mansions and billionaires alongside high-rise social housing, including Grenfell Tower, and extreme poverty. 

We are speaking to Eloise the morning after the launch of a remarkable project aimed at reducing the number of young people killed by knife crime in the local area. “Every minute someone spends in this space is a minute they aren’t on the street, potentially being part of something that will ruin their lives,” she says.

Amplify is a special place. It is designed to be a “powerful tool of change”.

“A safe haven that removes barriers to entry and allows young people to develop their strengths and nurture their passions.” Veale Associates, in partnership with The Rugby Portabello Trust, have created a space that changes lives.

Alongside two state-of-the-art studios, including 8 desks for learning and a recording booth, there is a multi-functional area that primarily acts as a counselling space.

“This is my favourite project,” says Eloise. “The design challenges of creating a space that acts as an art space, recording space and a place where people can get help for their mental health through counselling is really rewarding.”

“Knowing what materials to use, working to a tight budget and making sure everything works in harmony meant a lot of back and forth with the client. We needed to know what was needed because it’s so important. We had to get it right.”

Eloise’s passion no doubt comes from her father, an industry legend. But we get the impression that Veale Associates works because the two creative leaders think differently.

“I like to give my dad headaches. I like to push the boundaries of what a studio can be, so when my designs meet his decades of experience – that’s where the magic happens. Every studio must be different, because humans are different.”