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Many clients enjoy the way we work, our designs and ethos and have entrusted us with other key ancillary areas - reception, meeting rooms, board rooms, offices, presentations suites, cafes, breakout areas, and teaching facilities. Our attention to detail and the acoustic environment ensures facilities look great, are comfortable places to be in and encourage wellbeing among staff and visitors.


Having developed an aesthetic, creative approach and confidence, many clinets return to us time again for thier ther areas such as cafes, breakout areas, lounges and personal spaces. To meet such demand we created an interior design service just for this. 

Working with you we get to understand how you want to be percieved, not only to your clients but also your staff; inspiring all who enter your facilities. Our passion for detail and delivering accessible and comfortable interiors provides wellbeing and flexibility, and our floor plans optimise space usage, people flow, employee performance and interaction.


As soon as the desired aesthetic is agreed we move on to produce mood boards for review and fine tuning the design before our creative workks with 3D models and renders to show you exactly what your new facility with look like and explore the finer details.   

We work closely with authorities such as Planning and Building Control to ensure new facilities meet all regulations from access requirements, fire and safety, to construction details. We engage with them early on in the design process so your project runs smoothly and ultimately has their blessing.




Interior Design
Attention to detail is paramount and each design is unique to you and your identity. From our vast knowledge base, coupled with an extensive library of materials, we design inspiring interiors and can create custom designs for specialist furniture and fixtures that support varied environments, ergonomic and operational needs.


Space Planning
For the best use of space we work with you to create and deliver floor plans that capture every individual facility you need whilst optimising floor areas, ease of movement, workflows and interaction. Inclusive access and safe means of escape are essential components to all design and we are careful to ensure new facilities meet all regulations.


Project Management
After delivering hundreds of specialist studio builds with their many facets we have gained a huge wealth of experience in project management. A good project manager intrinsically understands every element of the project from budget control to procurement and provides good communication with both yourselves and contractors. After 50 years of doing this in the studio world we know how to identify risks and mitigate build issues. We provide regular on site support and assessments so everything runs as smoothly as possible, and the end result meets expectation.

Acoustic Design
No one likes a noisy space where they struggle to hear one another, get away from an annoying sound or be easily overheard during a confidential call. To deliver a comfortable environment the acoustics need to be right. We embrace the science of sound as part of our design process, assessing the acoustic environment and individual needs to seamlessly and inconspicuously meld good acoustics with interior design.


3D Visualisation
The creative process starts by fine tuning mood boards before embarking on generating 3D models and renders so you can see and fully appreciate the proposed designs and details.


Having worked within all facets of construction, and having enjoyed relationships with construction partners for over 50 years delivering hundreds of projects, we bring a wealth of experience to your project.  


Building Services Design
Every build requires suitable building services such as HVAC, power and lighting, security systems, water and drainage, energy supply, and fire safety, and each has to meet strict standards, regulations, energy saving and green policies. Over the years we have led our clients to realise all or part of these elements, and we work closely with maufacturers to evaluate and develop ideas and offer these where appropriate.