Meet the Directors

A family business lead by acoustician Eddie Veale and daughter Eloise Veale. Established in 1969 following Eddie’s success at the renowned Advision Studios. Veale Associates was formed to design and deliver specialist audio studio facilities, custom equipment and technical solutions. 50 years on we still lead the way.

Having worked with many of the musical greats. In the 70's we worked with the likes of John Lennon, George Harrison, Yes, The Who, Eric Clapton, David Gilmore, The Bee Gees, Mike Oldfield, and The Police. In addition to private studios, Veale Associates became the studio designers for many of the big recording and post-production facilities including Sarm Studios, Trident Recording Studios, Goldcrest Studios, Metropolis, as well as major labels and producers such as Island Records, Decca Records, Chrysalis, Faber Music, Trevor Horn, Gus Dudgeon, Martin Rushent, and Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley.


In the 80’s Veale Associates became deeply involved in the commercial broadcast sector designing and delivering affordable studios for most of the UK’s major broadcasters, including Bauer Media, Global Media, Guardian Media Group, Virgin Radio, Carlton TV, and Channel 4.


In more recent years Veale Associates has worked with educators including Winchester University, ICMP and The University of West London, enabling them to provide state of the art facilities for their students to enjoy the latest practices and industry technologies providing them with the best start to their careers. We also try to introduce valuable links to industry so students can acquire real world insight and training opportunities.

Our latest adventures are with games developers including Frontier Developments, EA Games and Ninja Theory, creating specialist audio environments to facilitate accurate work and presentations. Audio technology has developed from mono to immersive sound and game and sound designers have risen to the challenge and have changed the studio concept to meet this. Now an even more intimate experience can be achieved with their audiences so audio quality is critical to a successful delivery. This is an exciting arena we are keen to help grow and support.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of industry developments, setting new precedencies and standards. Eddie has seen enormous changes in the audio industry and pioneered many new ways of working to meet the multitude of challenges over the years. If you tell him it can’t be done he will certainly find a way!



Eddie Veale

Eddie discovered his passion for studio design when he was at Advision, prior to that he thought he was going to be an aeronautic acoustics engineer. In 1962 Eddie joined Advision to work on a range of solutions from refurbishing and relocating studios to creating gizmos to make kit work better together. One of Eddies first challenges was to create the Rock and Roll system for Andy Whetstone’s dubbing theatre which used a Zeiss projector. Having been told by Zeiss that the projector did not run backward, Eddie took the challenge and made that projector work in reverse.


Eddie’s new found passion led him to start seeking more studio design opportunities, and whilst working at Apple Studios in Saville Row he was invited to design the first professional home studio in the UK for John Lennon – not something he was going to turn down! Suddenly everyone wanted a studio designed by Eddie Veale, and he became the go to man.


Eddies pioneering abilities hasn't stopped. His interest for reducing client energy costs and providing robust solutions led him to introduce VRV and VRF systems for simulating heating and cooling, taking heat from studios and coms rooms to heat other areas and water.


Eddie has worked with many A list artists and producers as well as  on many high profile projects but his passion for his work has never dulled. He thrives on what he does and it’s evident in the vast knowledge he has acquired, the work he delivers and his attention to detail.



Eloise Veale


Eloise began her life kicking stones around building sites with her Dad, and being a nuisance whilst he tried to conduct meetings. Eloise developed a passion for the visual arts and in 2001 completed a Fine Art Degree. Whilst working with Eddie and longstanding client Patrick Mimran to deliver some of his new art adventures, they realised they had a creative synergy – Eddie being an acoustic artist and Eloise a visual artist, together they would compliment each another.


Eloise’s first studio project was the refurbishment of Lansdowne Studios, a studio Eddie created back in the 70’s for Adrian Kerridge. Eloise’s passion for studios grew even deeper, and by developing her art for acoustic materials and finishes she is able to create interiors that ensure acoustic viability. Eloise heads up the visual design side for VA, ensuring facilities look and function as good as they sound.

Eloise’s role is very much about concepts, ideas, user comfort and accessibility. She probes to understand client’s individual identities and desires, whilst exploring how each operates within their environments. Eloise provides the project aesthetic, generating visual concepts and ergonomic designs, ensuring client facilities are individual and tailored, are fit for purpose and look great for years to come.